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I got my dress!

It's a floor-length strapless. It's a hot pink color, but a little bit darker. I'm in love with it. I got shoes to match, but I still need to get jewelry and figure out how I'm going to do my hair. I want to wear my hair up in a french wrap probably, so I'm going to look for pretty dangly earrings.

Justin is hell bent on standing out, so he's thinking about getting a nice suit, then wearing a dark red button up shirt under it. I think it'll look so hot on him. He looks good in red. He says he'll probably want me to go, because he wants to make sure that I like whatever he gets so that he doesn't embarrass me. He's so cute. :) I told him that if he gets a dark red shirt, he should dye his hair dark red to match. It's a dark blue-black right now, and if he dyed it dark dark red, it'd make the whole outfit hotter.

But yeah, Joe called me earlier today and told me he was in front of Rachel's house, listening to Jeff and Rachel argue. He told me how yesterday night Jeff said to him that he realizes now how much of a psycho Rachel is after hanging out with me. I suppose that's the only reason why he doesn't like me.. because I'm not a psycho bitch. Okay. Weirdo. But yeah, I thought it was funny.

Our group for prom is going to be huge. I'm so excited. :D
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