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I never trusted anyone but somehow I trust you.

Joe came to pick me up around 4:30 last night, and we went and got his car washed.

I haven't seen the guy in forever, but I love him to pieces. I have the best time when I'm with him. We're such dorks when we're together.

We made fun of Rachel and he told me about all the shit she puts Jeff through and how psychotic she really is. I mean, I had an idea, but I didn't know that it was THAT bad. Speaking of Jeff, we went to his house after Joe was done getting his car washed. I was kind of nervous, but I knew Rob was going to be there. He's one of my favorite people that I know. He's such a huge sweetheart.

So when we first got there, I said hi to Rob and gave him a hug, then kind of ignored Jeff. He also kind of ignored me. The last couple times we've hung out, we've tried to be nice to each other, but it's still been really awkward.

We went to Chili's, but Jeff and Rob went to Rachel's house first before meeting back up with us. Rachel and Jeff got in a fight, so they left. Joe and I were saying that if Jeff brought Rachel to Chili's with us, we'd get our food to go and leave them. Haha.

After Chili's, we drove out to Glendale to pick up one of Joe's ex-girlfriends. She was really nice. I like her a lot better than Briana. She looked young though; I don't know what it is with Joe and 13 year olds.

Around the time we got to the movie, Jeff and I started joking around a lot. I think that's the most comfortable I've ever been around him since I've known him. When we used to hang out during the summer, I used to always feel sort of nervous. But in the theater, I didn't at all. We were making bets and making fun of each other, and I just know that if Rachel knew she'd rip my eyes out with her bare hands. Haha.

I was kind of upset all night because when I called Justin earlier, he wasn't in the best of moods. I thought maybe it was my fault, so I told him just to call me later. I noticed after the movie that he had called me, so I checked my message he left and it was basically him apologizing for the way he was acting earlier. He said it was nothing I did, and he was sorry for making me feel like I was the reason he was mad. It was so sweet. I called him and we talked for a few minutes.

I'm asking him to prom tonight. I'm so nervous, yet kind of excited. I hope he says yes.
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